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A few months ago  the Budget saw Chancellor Philip Hammond deliver what some called an ‘end to austerity plan’, with more spending than cuts, and an emphasis on strengthening the economy, as well as a much needed boost to the NHS.  But now we are a few months down the line, how will Mr Hammond’s plan affect you? 

On the whole I think the important messages in his announcement weren’t the changes, but more about what didn’t change: 

No reduction in Income Tax relief for pension contributions? Fantastic! And you still have until April to make up to £160,000 worth of pension contributions dependent on your circumstances. We have pension experts in our financial advice team and our specialist Tax department who can assist. 

Does your pension die with you? Not now. New rules mean there are options when passing your pension benefits on, and, even better, this could all be Inheritance Tax free! Pension regulations may by getting even more complex, but our Tax and Financial Advice departments can advise. 

Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowances remain unchanged, meaning you can save up to £20,000 this tax year in the most tax efficient environment possible. So why wouldn’t you? And yes, you’ve guessed it, our teams can assist. 

Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) – although some modest changes to the underlying investment structure were announced, the Income Tax relief available is still 30%. Sounds like a positive thing to me and again, by working with both our Tax and Financial Planning departments together, we can help to guide you through the intricacies of the various investment opportunities. 

Stamp Duty Land Tax will be abolished on homes under £300k, which is positive news, especially for first time buyers, but how do you save the initial deposit? Guess what? Our dedicated teams can assist. 

I could go on about all of the recent financial changes, but the key message to take is that many of the good things pre-budget are still available. With Spring around the corner, why not take advantage of the high quality Independent Financial Planning services that are available from our professional advisers, and make use of those allowances wherever possible. Uniquely in this region, Scrutton Bland can offer a joined up approach, enabling us to assist with all potential financial needs, from financial advice, tax planning, insurance and more. 

And from the comments above, you can probably guess that pretty much no matter what the need, WE CAN ASSIST. 

Why not give Scrutton Bland a call to discuss any of the above or any other financial planning or tax queries you may have. Contact Rob Wood at  or tel 01206 838415.