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High Income Child Benefit Charge – Takes effect from 7 January 2013

Are you or your partner one of the million tax payers affected?

This reform to the welfare system imposes a tax charge when a taxpayer or the partner receives Child Benefit and either of them has income of over £50,000 per annum. The Child Benefit is not a taxable but can trigger a tax charge. However, if your net adjusted income is between £50,000 and £60,000 the tax charge will always be less than the amount of Child Benefit received.

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So the Chancellor has spoken. . .

We have now heard what tax measures the Chancellor is planning in order to try to support business growth, whilst also continuing to manage the burden of debt – not an easy job I am sure! In his Autumn Statement made at lunchtime today there was some good news. . .

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Having a baby means change - even for your employer

Employer compliance obligations in respect of PAYE can often seem quite straightforward on initial inspection. However, a review of the detailed rules is needed, particularly when an individual’s circumstances change, such as when they go on maternity leave.

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