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Beware the Apportionment Act 1870!....or rather be aware of Wills without an Apportionment Act exclusion clause

Modern Wills tend to have such a clause but old wills often did not and this can create some quite involved arithmetic to make sure the correct beneficiaries are given credit for the income arising in the Estate.

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The perils of not filing your Self Assessment Tax Return on time

At this time of year there will be a large proportion of taxpayers who are filing their 2012 Self Assessment Tax Returns and paying the tax due on 31 January.

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Auto enrolment for pensions, are you aware?

Since October 2012 employers have legally been required to enrol all their employees into a qualifying pension scheme. This will help employees who are on a low or moderate salary package who are not making provisions for their retirement to ensure they will get a pension.

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