CASE STUDY: A charity working with the homeless

08 January 2021 - Shirley Greer

The Client 

The charity is a well-established organisation, working on the south coast to provide a home and meaningful work for people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion. 

The charity works to provide sustainable solutions to the problems of homelessness and social exclusion. They aim to give daily support and assistance to their residents, whilst any specialist services are provided by local agencies and organisations.

Residents are provided with rent-free ensuite accommodation (including council tax, TV licences and utilities), food, clothing and a small weekly allowance. In return, they volunteer full-time in the community superstore; collecting, renovating and reselling donated goods.

This work financially supports the charity’s community and enables their residents to develop skills, discover new talents and rebuild their selfrespect.

Highlights and challenges

Following a review of their current insurance risk register we identified that our client was incorrectly covered for a number of the risks which could impact the organisation.

The construction of the building in which the charity was based was not standard, which had made it difficult for previous insurers, and presented us with a number of challenges.

We quickly identified that the public liability limit was insufficient to cover scope of the charity’s work and needed to be increased to cover the potential costs in the event of a major incident such as a fire.

There were also a number of areas where we were sure that cover could be improved such as indemnity cover and abuse cover, and we also identified that cost savings could be made.

What we did to help

We visited the client in person several times to understand their organisation and to work with them to analyse the risks they faced

  • We helped them through the renewal process for their insurance, answering questions and assisting them to place appropriate building insurance
  • Through a price comparison process we enabled them to reduce costs
  • Specific covers in key areas were enhanced, for example public liability was increased from £5 million to £10 million, and indemnity cover was increased from £500,000 to £1 million to provide trustee protection in respect of unintentional claims
  • The support we gave provided the trustee board with peace of mind and assurance that they had appropriate insurance cover in place

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