Coronavirus Impact Assessment and Financial Restructuring Services

1. Coronavirus Impact Assessment

The unprecedented challenge we are currently facing is going to impact every business. It will be necessary for all of them, in small or large part, to take stock of the impact and then to undertake some form of restructuring and reorganisation to deal with the impact.

We have developed a tool to help clients, by industry and size, to understand how exposed they are following this event and therefore to help determine their bespoke restructuring strategy.

2. Financial Restructuring Services

Financial exposure tends to manifest itself in one or more of the following areas:

  • Have covenants been breached?
  • Have key customers been lost or contacts cancelled?
  • Has the supply chain broken?
  • Have forecasts been missed?
  • Are there Going Concern issues?
  • Is the cash management and control culture weak?
  • Is there working capital pressure?
  • Is a refinance due?
  • Is there a short-term cash requirement?
  • Are there excessive dormant subsidiaries?
Our approach to financial restructuring - define the situation



Our approach to financial restructuring – diagnosing and addressing issues

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