Demystifying Private Equity

Date: Wednesday 18th September 2019
Time: 08.00pm - 10.00am
Milsom's, Mr G's, Stratford Road, Dedham, CO7 6HW

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Our expert panel will explain why it's now more relevant to owners of SMEs than ever before

Private Equity (PE) firms are synonymous with the City of London and headlines about "mega-deals". In the five years to 2018, 669 UK companies valued between £10m and £100m were PE backed. This compares to 265 where value was in excess of £100m - the genuinely "mega deals".

However, perhaps more interesting is that there were 79 buyouts with a value of less than £10m in that same period and we are seeing this trend increase: smaller and more varied deals with a focus outside of the City of London. Buyouts are just one type of transaction and PE firms as strategic investors are generally seeking to create and realise value, which means they are increasingly looking at majority and minority stakes too.

Scrutton Bland is partnering with Rockpool Investments for this exclusive and intimate breakfast event that will look to demystify this form of investment process.

At its most fundamental level, "private" means that a capital sum is raised outside of the "public" quoted markets and "equity" has a broader meaning than the technical norm when used in the PE context, essentially being the total capital that has been put at risk and has a share of any capital gain earned for the investor. But there is much more to it than that.

Luke Morris, Corporate Finance Partners at Scrutton Bland, will run through the basics on what Private Equity (PE) funds are, a brief history and their importance to the UK economy as well the theory behind the funding model and the structure and valuation mechanism of a typical deal.

Guy Niewenhuys & Alex Stephens of Rockpool Investments, will talk about the growth of PE deals in companies with annual revenues of £5m-£30m (i.e. not large enough to attract traditional private equity funds) and what Rockpool looks for in a business model. Rockpool has invested more than £350m in over 70 companies since 2012 and looks to invest between £80m-100m each year.

This is an exclusive and, as we understand, first-time event for the East of England exploring this crucial method of providing funds for Management Buyouts (MBOs), growth and development finance, and equity release. Any shareholders thinking of succession or exit from their businesses should have a basic appreciation of the pros and cons of a PE-backed transaction.

The seminar:

08.00am Registration

08.15am Breakfast served

09.00am What PE funds are

09.30am Funding models and transaction types

10.00am Coffee and chance to meet the speakers

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Luke Morris, Corporate Finance Partner, Scrutton Bland

Luke joined Scrutton Bland in 2017 to head up Scrutton Bland's Corporate Finance offering and to develop its already well established advisory arm – a practice assisting entrepreneurs to buy, sell, refinance, reorganise and value their businesses.

Guy Niewenhuys, Investment Manager, Rockpool Investments

Guy has over six years’ experience in private equity and transaction services. After training as an accountant at PwC, Guy joined the transaction services team, where he worked on a range of buy and sell-side deals and IPOs. Since joining Rockpool in 2017, Guy has worked on a number of transactions and portfolio companies, including: luxury interiors brand House of Hackney, technical workwear manufacturer Wearwell, and Urban Village Pubs.

Alex Stephens, Relationship Manager, Rockpool Investments

Alex has five years’ experience in private equity. He is primarily responsible for working alongside Rockpool investors and intermediary partners, ensuring that these individuals have all the information required to make an informed decision to invest.

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