Elves Need Protection Too!

Whilst we all love to believe in the Christmas idyll of joy, happiness and goodwill to all men, elves can be on the sharp end of the reality. Any elf manning one of the grottos ransacked overnight last year, by thieves who stole all the presents Santa had specially wrapped for visiting children, could not help but shed a tear in their garden centre grottos when the wheels came off the sleigh. Elves in Manchester and Hull were particularly wounded by such heartless actions, which made their toes curl up more than ever. 

If you employ little elves, and know cash flow is often a festive period issue, ask for a Trade Credit Insurance quote.

Meanwhile, elves who put heart and soul into making children smile around the UK, were left disillusioned, downcast and sometimes homeless, after a grotto company folded . 

The little helpers did not get paid for all the many hours they had spent in their brightly coloured tights. 

The moral of the tale is to make sure you protect absolutely everything and do not assume that the Grinch is pure fiction. If the items you hold in stock, or buy in, increase in number or nature at Christmas, make sure you amend your insurance policy to cover them, if necessary.

And, if you employ little elves, and know cash flow is often a festive period issue, ask for a Trade Credit Insurance quote. This can be an important tool in credit management and also provide replacement working capital when bad debts and late payment affect cash flow . Using this financial back-up, you could pay your pointy-eared workers and meet other financial obligations, as you had anticipated doing. After all, nobody
wants to be depicted as a Scrooge!

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