June is Pride Month!

We talked to Insurance Executive Richard Atkinson about what Pride means to him, and how getting the right insurance in place for your charity and their events can help to ease the pressure on organisers.

15 June 2022 - Richard Atkinson

  • You’ve been involved in the LGBTQ+ community for a number of years now – how have things changed?

There has undoubtedly been progress for the LGBTQ+ community in recent years, and that’s fantastic news for everyone. I’m not sugar-coating the problems and issues that still exist, but access to charities and support groups is better than it’s ever been and – on the whole – we live in a society that’s kinder and more inclusive to us than it was to previous generations.

  • Can you say a bit about the charities that can offer help and advice to the LGBTQ+ community?

There are loads of great charities, but I’ll just focus on three:

LGBT Consortium – this is a fantastic information hub for every size of charity and their needs, with an excellent website containing details of grants, training, events and jobs. They say that they host the largest network of LGBTQ+ groups, projects and organisations in the UK, and there’s certainly loads of useful information there to help LGBTQ+ groups. www.consortium.lgbt

Gendered Intelligence – a trans-led and trans-involving charity that works to increase understanding of gender diversity and to improve the lives of trans people. They provide staff training, workshops and lectures and have a great Youth and Communities Service to help young trans and gender-questioning people and their families. www.genderedintelligence.co.uk

Suffolk Pride – my local Pride organisation and one that I’m very proud to support. I’ll be going along to their Suffolk Pride Day on 18 June on Ipswich Waterfront and can’t wait to see the live music, poetry, discussion panels, drag and other performers doing their LGBTQ+ thing! I was delighted to help them arrange their insurance needs this year – it’s a really important part of event preparation, and now it’s in place it is one less thing that the organisers need to worry about. www.suffolkpride.org.uk

  • Charities are getting back to having face-to-face operations and holding events  – like Pride marches! What do they need to do to make sure they have proper insurance cover?

Talk to your insurance broker, who will be able to go through your plans and recommend what you need and will help you locate appropriate covers at a price within your budget. There are a number of important insurances you should consider:

Public Liability insurance will cover your event if members of the public are injured, for example tripping over some sound equipment.  It’s not a legal requirement but we recommend that you get this in place, and it’s often compulsory if you’re using land, buildings or facilities owned by someone else.

Employers Liability is a legal obligation if you employ any staff at your event. We strongly recommend it for your volunteers, as they are classed as representatives for your organisation, which makes you, the event organiser, responsible for their wellbeing.

Event Cancellation is a cover that we recommend as cancellations happen more often than you’d think. Events venues can go into liquidation, or have double booked events, and bad weather can mean it’s unsafe for the event to take place.

Equipment cover is self-explanatory but should be part of your plans if you are using expensive sound equipment or computers – they are very expensive to replace if they get damaged during the event.

Non-appearance is a good cover to have if you’re getting a big-name celebrity for your event. If they fail to show up, you will be able to claim for the expenses your charity has incurred.

  • Finally, can you say something about the importance of Pride month to you?

My view of Pride has changed over the years. It’s a wonderful celebration – and who doesn’t love a party? – but I have a greater emotional connection now. I can understand more about how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, and why we still need to protest for equal rights across the globe – there are still 70 countries where being gay is a crime.

Pride month underlines the importance of acceptance and equality in all parts of our society, and I’m so proud to be a part of such an important movement and to see my own views echoed by many within the community. Happy Pride month!

If you run a charity and would like to learn more about insuring your work, property, people and events please get in touch with Richard by phoning 01473 945744 or emailing richard.atkinson@scruttonbland.co.uk





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