My charity doesn’t need specialist insurance advice – does it?

22 March 2023 - Keri Lucas

The work that charities do is often at the forefront of society’s wellbeing. So it’s important they talk to an experienced insurance broker to help set up comprehensive insurance cover that is tailored to their needs.

These are some of the main reasons why:


Care organisations need to ensure they’re protected against possible claims of abuse against the organisation. These claims can be complex and can often be brought years after the incident has occurred. Abuse cover can be provided on a claims-made or claims-occurring basis, the latter provides clients with long-term protection for their business. Specialist insurers can provide retro abuse cover in the event that clients have previous periods of claims-made abuse, ensuring these gaps in cover provision do not leave clients exposed. Another issue is that many insurers won’t openly state that they cover abuse which is why it’s so important to talk to a specialist who can help you as the policyholder understand exactly what is covered.

Medical malpractice  

Traditional professional liability cover can exclude medical professional liability or cases of medical malpractice to which care organisations are exposed. Specialist insurers will understand this exposure and provide specialist cover and ensure these risks are under one single policy – this minimises the chance of claims falling between insuring clauses.

Breach of professional duty  

Professional liability provides cover for claims arising in the event of an allegation of provision of incorrect advice or negligent services by those considered to have expertise in the services they provide. A non-specialist care professional liability policy can exclude care scenarios or provide insufficient levels of cover. A specialist care policy will ensure these risks are under one single policy, minimising the chance of claims falling between insuring clauses.


Employers by law have a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment, and failure to do so could result in a claim under employers’ liability cover. However, volunteers aren’t considered employees under law and this can lead to confusion. Organisations that rely on volunteers should consider specialist policies that ensure volunteers are covered.


Whilst the vast majority of charities and care organisations hold the highest levels of integrity, it is vital that these organisations consider specialist policies which will protect them against fraud, theft or dishonesty by volunteers or employees. Common examples include fabricating invoices, false expense claims, petty cash theft and stealing collection tins. These often occur in small amounts initially and build up over time, resulting in a significant financial impact on the organisation’s finances.

Legal expenses 

A more robust regulatory and legislative compliance environment has seen a marked rise in the number of enforcement actions taken by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) against operators in the social welfare sector. Against this background, having access to a legal expenses policy which responds, understands and delivers protection against the unique exposures of the social welfare sector is crucial.

Regulatory and compliance obligations

Understanding what you need to do to comply with regulations and providing the appropriate training to staff as well as risk management can be difficult for any business. Care organisations are amongst the most heavily regulated with regular reviews by CQC/Ofsted, health checks and inspections, and specific training needs including safeguarding. This makes it more important to stay up to date and ensure the ever-changing regulations and laws are adhered to at all times.

Through our specialist charity scheme, we provide charity and not for profit clients with exclusive terms and a bespoke set of covers that aren’t readily available on the open market. Our insurance is underwritten by one of the UK’s leading, A-rated insurers, giving our care organisation clients the cover they need in one policy and at an affordable premium. Get in touch with our specialist charity team for a no obligation insurance review by calling 0330 0586559 or emailing

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