Protect your business from volatile prices

Harness the power of big data and great technology to protect your business from volatile prices.

A global index-based insurance platform, Stable helps businesses to protect themselves against volatile prices and costs. It makes hedging simple so that companies of every size and sector can invest in the future with confidence.

Only available through official partners, Scrutton Bland have teamed with Stable to provide our clients with exclusive access to this unique technology. Simple and easy to use, Stable allows you to better plan your finances and protect yourself against the impact of a price drop or increased costs, it even offers an automated claims facility.


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Easy to use

You can get a quote by answering just three simple questions: How much to insure, for how long and what idex price? It takes less than 2 minutes to get a free quote.

Choose your own excess

The greater the excess you select , the lower the premium will be. It’s entirely up to you.

Select the duration

You choose the number of months you wish to protect your business, up to 12 months in advance.

No fuss and no paperwork

If you’re due a payment at the end of your insurance contract, then Stable will let you know automatically via email. Unlike traditional insurance, Stable’s index-based solutions means claims are made automatically. Just provide your bank details and your lost income will be replaced.

Pay monthly

Pay the premium monthly and cancel the policy anytime if it’s no longer useful for your business.

Choose your quantity

Protect as little as 10 tonnes of crops or 10,000 litres of milk for example.

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