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Protection for charities who run events with the public  


The government advice for charities that run fundraising events is that they should consider putting public liability insurance in place. Furthermore, many venues that you may hire or use for charitable events may also require that you have public liability in place.  

Cover for compensation claims   

Whether it’s a fun run, a book sale, or a concert, all sorts of things can and do go wrong at charitable events. Public liability insurance protects your charity or not-for-profit organisation against the potential cost of compensation claims from members of the public who are injured or whose personal property is damaged as a result of your charitable event. It’s important that your policy provides adequate cover for all the events that you are running, and your charity insurance adviser can help to advise you on the risks you may face.  

Extensions for specific activities

Your charity may have a programme of annual events which happen at the same time each year, or they may have different activities which happen depending on your needs and resources at the time. It’s important that you have the right insurance for your event, and your charity insurance adviser can help to advise you on what is most appropriate for your event. 

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The combined expertise of our charity insurance team can provide information and advice to your organisation, and will allow you to get on with the important work you do, knowing that you are protected against the specific risks your charity may face at your event.  


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