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Cover to protect your charity’s money, reputation, and property

There’s no legal requirement for a charity to have professional indemnity insurance, but it is something you should consider.  It provides protection against the costs of defending allegations of wrongdoing, providing improper advice or negligent services that result in loss, injury or damage to a third party. That loss can be physical or mental as well as financial.  

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Trustee liability insurance   

It’s often overlooked, but trustees, directors, officers, committee member and governors can be personally held responsible for decision and actions made on behalf of their organisation. A trustee liability insurance policy works in a similar way to professional indemnity insurance. It protects the trustees against the financial impact of legal claims for a breach of trust or duty and negligence in their capacity as a trustee. These claims could be made by third parties such as members of the public or the charity itself. Without a trustee liability insurance in place, the legal costs to defend such a claim would have to be paid personally by the trustee(s) involved.   

Protection against the risks you may face

All charities face different risks depending on their day-to-day activities, so it is important that you have the right protections in place against claims of potential loss, damage or liability which can arise. The threat of legal action can cause financial and reputational damage to your charity, not to mention the anxiety it can cause to you and your co-workers. Our charity insurance team can take you through the different cover options that are available to find one that suits your operation and budget. 


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The collected knowledge and experience of our charity insurance team can provide informed advice to your organisation, and will allow you to get on with the important work you do, knowing that you are protected against the specific risks your charity may encounter.  


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