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Preventing risk from being risky

In a world where there never seems to be quite enough hours in the day, we understand that insurance is not always at the top of your priority list; that is why we designed an insurance scheme which provides you with all the cover you need, in one policy and at an affordable premium.

We believe in taking a personal approach. Before we issue any insurance policy, we will take the time to understand you and your organisation and undertake a free insurance risk management review to identify the insurance cover you need and ensure that you don’t have any gaps or exposures.

Based in our East Anglian offices, our charity insurance team work with charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations throughout the UK.  We understand that charity insurance can be complex with every organisation facing different risks and exposures.  

Using our experience, we can help organisations of all types, here are some of the risks and solutions you may need to consider:

  • New start charities

    Starting up a new charity can be daunting; understanding which insurance covers you need can be confusing. Do you need Employers Liability cover?  Should you have Professional or Trustee Indemnity?  We will help you to understand the risks you might face and will advise you on the cover you will need to protect you and your organisation.

    Being part of a financial services group, we can help you will all aspects of tax, accounting and business planning, just ask one of our advisers.

  • Fundraising

    In the current climate fundraising is an important factor for many charities.  Our charity policies automatically include cover for fundraising events under the Public Liability coverage with the maximum set at 500 attendees at any one event (subject to risk assessments).  If you require additional event cover we can help and can even arrange specialist event insurance for hazardous activities as they are normally excluded from a standard charity policy.

  • Charities involved with children and vulnerable adults

    Abuse cover is important under the Public Liability policy in addition to your standard covers. This cover will require certain conditions to have been met, such as ensuring that all volunteers or staff who are involved with children or vulnerable adults have been through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and that the correct Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult policies are in place.

  • Care homes

    Due to the specialist care delivered, cover for care homes should be bespoke and dependent on the types of care you offer, for example, whether you offer personal, bathing or general assistance. We will work with you to provide tailored advice on the liability limits and treatment risk covers which are appropriate for your situation.

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

    When dealing with service users with substance abuse problems, there can be certain areas to consider such as the testing and the effects of drying out, higher Public Liability limits including treatment risks, Professional Indemnity and Trustee Indemnity.

  • Homeless hostels

    Regardless of whether the hostel is a wet hostel or a night shelter, there are certain insurance covers which must be considered, such as increased Public Liability, Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity (which you will need if any advice is offered or for breach of professional duty).

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