Advice for investment scheme trustees

For many people being appointed as a trustee for a pension scheme can be rewarding. Helping to safeguard the financial future of your scheme members is an important role, but also one which carries responsibility.
Our team of qualified and Chartered Financial Advisers are here to help you meet your obligations as a trustee and ensure you are making the right decisions for the pension scheme members.
The Trustee Act of 2000 requires that trustees must ensure that investments made on behalf of their trust are properly diversified and suitable for the circumstances of the trust. As a trustee you are expected to make impartial decisions on all aspects of the running of the scheme, from contributions, rules and any special terms through to overseeing the investment strategy and scheme assets, or even winding up the scheme itself.

With the right adviser supporting you, you don’t just meet your legal obligations; you will be working with someone who takes the time to understand the objectives of the trust and gets to know the priorities of its scheme members. With independent advice you can create an investment and management plan for your trust which puts the interests of your scheme members at its core.
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