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Divorce and separation is an emotionally challenging time, which in turn means that financial decision making is even more difficult. Engaging an Independent Financial Adviser can help you to make the right decisions at a very stressful time, and set you up to manage your financial future.

Pensions, maintenance payments, post-divorce income and decisions on  investing any assets following a settlement are all issues which need to be considered.  For many people, obtaining legal advice is a natural first step, but engaging a Resolution Accredited Financial Adviser is equally important when it comes to settling your financial affairs.

Our team of qualified advisers are experienced in collaborating with legal professionals and will work with your solicitor to  help you through the process of separating assets as part of your divorce process. Our aim is always to find mutually agreeable resolutions where possible, since, in our experience, collaborative divorces can benefit you both financially and help to lessen your stress. After sorting out your property situation, for a significant number of people, settling their pension arrangements is the biggest financial challenge to come out of a divorce.  Where and how to invest any funds as a result of settlement can be equally challenging, particularly where you may have dependants.

Being independent, our advisers will work to research the whole of the market to help you find the right investment solutions to meet your medium and long terms goals.

Professional financial advice is most effective when sought as early as possible. Our team can work alongside you and your legal team to identify the most useful and cost effective means of helping you. By identifying issues early in the divorce process we can support you in finding a successful financial solution, at a time when you need support the most. 

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