Investing for income

Finding the right investment strategy is essential if you are to achieve your financial goals. There is a significant difference between saving and investing; finding an investment you can draw an income from requires careful planning. Interest rates, economic uncertainty and instability in the global markets can all have an impact on how your savings and investments are working for you. When looking to achieve an income from your investments, it is important that you talk to a professional adviser you can trust, who will help you understand all of the options available.

Our team of highly qualified and independent financial advisers will talk you through the different types of asset classes such as equities and bonds, and will explain, without using jargon, how these different investment types behave.

With the right professional advice, balancing a portfolio of funds, trusts, bonds and investments can achieve an annual or monthly income. Where an investment might fall outside of current tax- free allowances, we can access advice from our team of in-house tax advisers to help to minimise your tax liabilities and make your investments work even harder for you.
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