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Investing for Income

Investing For Income

It’s possible to achieve a comfortable annual or monthly income by balancing a portfolio of funds, trusts, bonds and investments, but it’s essential you find the right investment strategy to do so. With insightful financial advice, you’ll be able to make the most of all of the options available and set yourself up for success.




Achieve your investment income goals

There is a significant difference between saving and investing. Finding an investment you can draw an income from requires careful planning – interest rates, economic uncertainty and instability in the global markets can all have an impact on how your savings and investments work for you. 

When looking to achieve an income from your investments, it is important that you talk to a professional adviser you can trust, who will help you understand all of the options available. We can look into the following and more: 

  • Equities and bonds
  • Investments
  • Trusts
  • Savings accounts
  • Tax allowances
  • Growing your investments


Simple, clear guidance

Our team of highly qualified, independent financial advisers will talk you through the different types of asset classes open to you, such as equities and bonds, and will explain, without using jargon, how these different investment types behave.

What should you bear in mind?

Spreading your investments

Wherever you deposit your funds, the interest they generate can drop or increase according to a number of external factors. We’ll help you spread your wealth sensibly so you don’t lose out entirely if one revenue stream suffers.

Investment fluctuations

Obviously, the value of investments can fall as well as rise. As above, it’s worth spreading your investments across various financial vehicles, to avoid overexposure.


It’s worth remembering that if you take the revenue from your various investments as an income, then the pots themselves will not grow in value. Over time, due to inflation, they will be worth comparatively less. We can factor growth into our calculations, according to your priorities.

If you are unsure about anything, or if you would like an appraisal of existing investments, please get in touch.


Talk to an adviser

If you want to know what options will be right for you, our investment specialists can discuss your individual circumstances and help you find a solution that fits your long-term financial needs. 

Call the team on 0330 058 6559, email hello@scruttonbland.co.uk or click below to get in touch via the Contact page to arrange an initial discussion.

Help my wealth support my lifestyle

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