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We live in increasingly unsettled times. Geopolitics and religious extremism regularly dominate the headlines, and the threat of terrorist attack is an issue which UK businesses are now having to take into consideration when assessing risk. Whether you operate within a city centre location or from a regional office, Terrorism Cover can insure your business against damage to your property and mitigate your liabilities. In addition to any material damage, having an office or site located within, or close to, the site of a terrorist attack can significantly impact your day-to-day operations.

Terrorism Cover can help to ease the impact and cost of interruption to your business, including the denial of access which may prevent your employees or goods getting into your sites, or where you are unable to get your goods or services out to your customers. In the event of a direct attack to your property, you could face having to relocate your business or face legal liabilities.


Cover to protect your business

Having the right insurance in place and access to professional advice is critical at a time when your business needs it most. Whether you operate in the UK or have operations overseas, you might want to consider extending your cover to include political violence.

Our team of specialists can work with you, assessing your exposure to risk to find the right cover to protect your business against the impact of threats from strikes and riots through to malicious damage and even civil war, where you operate in unstable global regions.

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