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Whatever your business or organisation, it is almost inevitable that you will use a computer or hold data online – and that means you should consider Cyber Insurance. Business, charity, school or social club, everyone dealing with personal or commercial data should have protection against the costs of cyber-attack.

Online attacks can take many forms, including malicious hacking where criminals illegally access a business’ data, only releasing it when a ransom is paid. But what if it is the data you hold on your customer’s data that has been breached? With new regulations in place around how personal data should be kept, the financial implications of a claim against you in the event of data loss could be catastrophic.

As with so many crimes, early action can help to lessen the impact and financial costs of a cyberattack. Having a cyber-policy in place means that should the worst happen, you can have access to IT professionals who will help you get you up and running again, or provide you with forensic investigation and legal support when defending claims.

You may also want to consider a policy which provides you with specialist PR advice to help contain any potential public relations crisis and lessen the damage on your reputation.  Cyber cover is not only there to support with malicious attacks, it can also help in the event of human error, such as where you may have infringed copyright by using an unlicensed image on your website or left a laptop on a train. If you don’t yet have cybercrime cover, or would like to find out more about how you can protect your business against the impact of a cybercrime, speak to one of our specialist advisers today.

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