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Protection for professional risks

The role of your senior management team is not only to oversee the day-to-day running of your operations or business, but very often requires them to take responsibility for ensuring that your business is compliant with regulations. This can mean additional exposure to risk for your partners, directors and officers.

Directors and officers insurance, often referred to as D&O, provides cover against the cost of claims resulting from your senior team making mistakes or omissions whilst undertaking their duties. Not only could your Partners, directors and officers be personally financially liable for individual claims against them, but in extreme cases they might be criminally liable and even face a prison sentence. D&O cover provides you and your directors and officers with the comfort of knowing that in the event of a claim, your insurer could cover the cost of any legal defence and associated costs with defending a claim against you, or paying compensation.

It is not only large corporate entities who need D&O. Wherever you have individuals who are accountable for a business and who hold key decision-making roles, whatever your size or industry you operate in, you will need to consider whether you need to have insurance in place to protect your directors and officers from expensive legal fees and costs as a result of defending themselves in court against personal prosecution. Our business insurance advisers can explain D&O cover in more detail with you, and help you to understand if it is something you might need.
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