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Health cover for you and your family

You may find medical insurance is helpful to have for times when you need fast access to medical treatment and don’t want to wait in an NHS queue. Or you may want to opt for more flexibility in your care, or to access treatment that isn’t readily available on the NHS. When you need it most, medical insurance cover can provide choice, confidence and reassurance.


Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance (PMI) can be purchased for one individual or extended to include other members of their family. It works in the same way as other insurance policies: you pay a fixed amount at regular intervals and claim on your insurance when required. Whenever you claim, your insurer will pay almost the whole bill, and you will pay an excess, or premium, ranging from £0 to £500 depending on your policy.

Understand what you’re buying

Private medical insurance (PMI) is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for curable, short-term illnesses and injuries, and will usually cover the cost of in-patient and day-patient treatment as well as some out-patient care. The main benefit of having PMI is access to prompt treatment, without the worry of waiting on an NHS list.

There are many PMI policies on the market, but talking to an experienced and independent broker can help you to narrow down the insurance cover you need. Our insurance team can advise on policies that include:

  • Acute conditions (which come on quickly and require a limited term of treatment). For example: hip and knee replacements; hernia; cataract surgery; gall bladder removal; broken bones; appendicitis 
  • Access to a digital GP 
  • 24-hour stress counselling hotline 
  • Cancer cover to include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy and up to 10 years of monitoring post-cancer treatment 
  • Specialist claims teams in areas such as oncology and mental health when you need someone to talk to who understands your situation  
  • PMI cover for your partner and children 
  • Discounted gym membership 
  • Bespoke PMI cover to include a range of specialist care options which can enhance or reduce premium payments. 

Optional extras

Our insurance specialists can also source certain extra PMI covers which can include:

  • Optical examinations and treatments
  • Dental examinations and treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychiatric care
  • Alternative medicine
  • Treatment and care in your home
  • A private room in hospital
  • Some specific illnesses (cancer is now included in most standard policies but there are some that still exclude it so do talk to our insurance team for more details)


Points to note

It’s worth noting that Private Medical Insurance won’t usually cover most pre-existing medical conditions, as well as:

  • Chronic conditions, which you may live with for all or most of your life, such as diabetes, HIV, kidney dialysis
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Emergency treatments – these are provided by the NHS
  • Infertility treatments
  • Elective treatments such as cosmetic surgery, gender reassignment 
  • Treatment abroad – in an emergency this should be covered by your travel insurance, but specialist insurance may be available for some treatments 
  • Pregnancy – although there may be cover for some unexpected complications

Our executives will also ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle, as they can often source more cost-effective cover options if you can show you’re living in a healthy way. 

Friendly advice from specialist advisers  

Our insurance executives have many years’ experience in providing PMI for individuals and businesses, and will work with you to properly understand your needs and find a policy tailored to your situation. We understand that people’s healthcare requirements can and will change as they get older, and we can help you find medical insurance that reflects that.

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