Systems Advisory Service

Harnessing the power of technology to improve your business

Implementing technology into your business can deliver greater automation, efficiency and cost savings. It’s no surprise, therefore, that more companies are moving towards cloud-based solutions for everything from accounting and HR to marketing and stock control.

However, deciding to integrate new software is just the first step. If you don’t know how to use it effectively, it is unlikely to have the desired impact on your business. 

Introducing SAS

Through our Systems Advisory Service (SAS), we will identify opportunities to streamline your existing technology, provide training on new business software and advise on other areas where you could cut costs and use technology more efficiently. 

Technology can also unlock powerful data for your business, allowing you to forecast more accurately and make informed decisions in real-time. Regardless of your sector or specialism, our team will show you how to maximise new or existing software and uncover the data that could help drive your business forward.

The benefits of SAS

  • Key information at your fingertips 
  • Reduce overheads by streamlining processes 
  • Make quicker decisions driven by real-time data
  • Enjoy better insights on your business and performance 
  • Greater responsiveness, productivity and efficiency 
  • Frees up time to focus on business-critical activities 

Focus on what matters

Rather than replacing human resource, technology can free up your team to focus on the areas that will deliver value to customers, making your business more productive in the process. More often than not, the “mundane” or “boring” parts of somebody’s job can be automated, and we will help you identify which processes in your company this applies to. 

As an independent service, SAS doesn’t benefit from “selling” any specific software. Instead, we will take the time to discuss your business needs and current systems, before providing an impartial recommendation on what we believe to be the best software and processes for you. The initial consultation is free of charge and doesn’t come with any obligation. 

The SAS process

Assessment and Recommendation

This stage of our process involves assessing your current processes and proposing a solution tailored to you. 

  1. Consultation - Complimentary discussion on your existing systems, possibilities and desires
  2. Proposal - Proposal of work and subsequent engagement of service 
  3. Enquiry - Digital questionnaire to be completed by your team, establishing basic understanding of existing systems 
  4. Mapping - Onsite visual mapping of your current financial and operational systems and processes
  5. Research - Research into software marketplace to test and confirm which software meets requirements of the mapped systems 
  6. Report - Digital report (including video) setting out proposed systems compared to existing, covering costs and implementation plan 
  7. Present - Q&A session on report, as well as presentation (if required), to establish any necessary tweaks

Implementation, Training and Support 

This stage of our process involves taking the proposed system and implementing this into your business as smoothly as possible, including training of your team and follow-up support.

  1. Build - Set up new systems, building integrations where necessary, and enter statutory data
  2. Test - Test data links (where required) to ensure they are acting as planned 
  3. Transfer - Transfer historical data (as needed) from existing systems 
  4. Verify - Verify the accuracy and completeness of new systems 
  5. Train - Train your team on the systems they will be utilising 
  6. Go Live - Set and stick to a “Go Live” date to minimise business disruption and provide clarity 
  7. Support - Provide dedicated, ongoing support to your team on the implemented systems
Whether you want to make improvements but don’t know where to start, or know what you want and need assistance, our team can help. All of our packages are tailored to your needs, and our free consultation will reassure you that our process suits your business. 

Tailored to your business

We recognise that some companies won’t require the end-to-end support that comes with our full SAS package. For that reason, we also offer analysis and training as individual services, making sure to tailor them to a client’s needs. 

Analysis – £750 

Already have cloud software but struggling to make it work? We deliver expert consultancy on your existing cloud software and processes, with a view to providing short-term solutions and efficiency gains as well as recommendations for longer-term benefits. 

This includes a digital consultation into how you run your business and the systems you currently use, followed by a simple report outlining where you are maximising use of the software and where improvements can be made. It also includes insights into how you can benefit from the wider software marketplace and any specific training you and your team may benefit from. 

Training – £550 

If you’ve installed new software but require some guidance on how to use it effectively, we offer a dedicated training service to help get you up to speed. From training on platforms such as Xero to webinars covering various tips and tricks, we can tailor a training package to the unique needs of your business. 


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