Making Tax Digital

In April 2016 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) announced its intention to change the way it accepted business accounts. Seen by many industry experts as the greatest change to tax since the introduction of PAYE in 1944, the new initiative was given the title of ‘Making Tax Digital’ and the aim of streamlining the tax reporting process for both those filing returns and HMRC themselves.

Both businesses and individuals will be expected to complete their tax returns online by 2020 and although the scheme has been delayed, suffering a number of false starts, the digitalisation of the tax process is an inevitability.

There are four main objectives for Making Tax Digital, they are: better use of information; tax in real time; creating a single financial account and interacting with customers digitally.  HMRC consider that as the majority of business are already operating online via banking, paying bills and interacting with customers that it is a logical step to submit and manage tax affairs digitally.

Through our cloud based business and accountancy package,  sblive, we have been encouraging our clients to move to online record keeping and tax filing for some time. Having access to your accounts and financial reports, in real time and 24/7 not only allows you to better predict and manage cash flow and payments in and out of your business account, but can provide a much more accurate view of your tax liabilities, meaning you can plan ahead and with a clear view on how much tax you will be required to pay.

It is not only businesses who will be required to submit their tax returns digitally, private individuals too will be expected to have moved to online reporting in the next few years. Much like businesses, the benefits for individuals of moving to a fully digitalised system can be great. As HMRC comes under an increased pressure to recoup missed or mis-reported revenues, the risk of a costly and disruptive tax enquiry is heightened, but online reporting can give a greater level of accuracy and better overview of your liabilities and can alert you when payments are due. We understand however that the thought of a new online system can be daunting for some clients, and offer a fully inclusive service which means we can deal with all of your tax affairs online for you, on your behalf, providing you with the benefits of a digital, without the stress of dealing with unfamiliar  technology.

Read more about your digital record keeping reqirements after the end of the soft-landing period on 1 April 2020 in the download below:


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