In the past there were no decisions to make at retirement. If you were employed, your employer would provide a pension package, the State issues a weekly pension on which you could live, and of did have any private pensions savings of your own it was a matter of choosing the best annuity.

Today however the choices facing the retiree are enormous. Pension freedom, annuity, protected rights annuity, investment annuity, un-secured pension and phased retirement are all options open to those planning or entering retirement. For many people, pension arrangements will be the main provider of income in later years, for others, early retirement means the chance to fulfil lifelong dreams or enjoy the fruits of their labour. But whatever your circumstances, planning for retirement has never been so important, tax reliefs and efficient savings schemes are available to help you plan ahead for retirement, our team of tax advisers will work alongside you to identify your retirement objectives, consider your tax liabilities today and find the right solution to help you meet your objectives for your financial future.

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