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No matter if your company has made a profit or a loss, and irrespective of whether any Corporation tax is due, you will need to file an annual tax return for your company. Sole traders and Partnerships, whilst not required to complete a company tax return, are however required to complete a self-assessment return. 

As HMRC comes under increased pressure to ensure that all businesses are meeting their reporting obligations the onus on businesses to ensure that they are filing accurate and timely returns has never been greater, nor has the potential for a hefty fine.

We understand how time consuming your tax compliance can be, our teams of tax advisers have the experience and expertise to take the stress out of your tax compliance and administration by taking the burden away from you, dealing with every aspect of your return, whilst mitigating your tax exposure.

Following  HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative businesses and organisations will be required to have made a complete transition to filing returns digitally. We have been at the forefront of digital reporting for some time, developing a complete online tax and accounting solution called SBLive.
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