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Meet our Technology team

We understand how quickly markets change. Whether you are developing software, leading scientific advances, or making waves in the service industries, the tech sector is growing fast and you need a business adviser who can evolve with you.

As a financial services group, we will be there at your side from day one. From raising capital and identifying tax reliefs to digital accounting and cyber security, our in-house team of advisers will work with you to create a business advisory package which is as unique as your business.

  • Digital accounting for better financial control

    Manage your accounts and cashflow in real time with 24/7 access and live feeds. Our advisers can work with you to create integrated solutions bringing all of your business software into one easy-to-monitor environment. 

  • Management reporting´╗┐

    Business planning and forecasting not only allows you and your stakeholders to measure how well your business is doing, but helps you to understand how your finances are structured and enables you to get on target to meet your strategic goals.

  • Tax planning and advice

    From dealing with Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE to advice on tax incentives such as Research and Development relief, and Patent Box relief, understanding the how the tax system works not only protects you against unexpected liabilities, but can work to your advantage where reliefs can be applied.

  • Company secretarial´╗┐

    You are an expert in your field. We will take care of all your compliance and regulatory obligations when running a business so you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • Workplace Pensions

    Since 2008 the government has required anyone employing one or more people to offer a workplace pension. The choice and options now available to employers when creating a workplace scheme is vast. Our team of independent advisers can guide you through the pension process, from setting up a scheme and utilising tax advantages to managing employee communications and developing schemes for your key management team.

  • Insurance

    Emerging technology brings with it a new set of risks. From material damage to the impact of business interruption and cyber-attack we will work with you to ensure that you have the right level of cover and that your insurance package is tailored to you and your specific business risks and at a premium you can afford.

    In the race to get new developments up and running, technology companies can be exposed to risks that the standard insurance policy may not cover.

    The complexities arising from this innovative industry, requires a specialist insurance broker that fully understands it and can provide a bespoke and comprehensive portfolio of cover.

    As the industry spans a broad spectrum, our specialists take the time to thoroughly understand your business and requirements and can tailor a package to suit your needs.  We can build your cover to include public and employers’ liability, cyber liability and professional indemnity along with traditional insurances.

    As specialists within this field our policies can include cover for the following:

    • Professional Indemnity
      Worldwide jurisdiction
      Breach of contract
      Infringement of intellectual property
      Breach of patent
    • Public & Products Liability
      Worldwide cover including USA & Canada
      Efficacy cover – provides cover for injury of damage as a result of your product failing to perform to its intended function
      Errors & Omissions
    • Property Damage
      Computer breakdown
      Machinery breakdown
      Research & development
    • Product Recall Costs
    • Network Security & Cyber Liability
      Cyber – to protect against cyber treats resulting in interruption to your business
      Forensic Costs & Data Security breach notification cost
      Telecommunications theft – covers you against any extra charges if your telecommunications system is hacked into.

  • Share incentives and rewards

    It takes passion and bravery to set up and develop a business. Share incentives and reward schemes can be a great way of encouraging your staff to find that vested interest you need them to have in order to fulfil your business ambitions.

  • Employee Benefits

    Building a team who have the skills and expertise you need to help you grow your business isn’t easy. Providing an employee benefits package which rewards and provides for your staff can help you protect your most valuable asset and attract new talent.

  • Payroll

    As your business grows, so do your staffing needs. Ensuring that your team is paid correctly, and on time, can be time consuming for many new businesses. We will deal with all your payroll administration and pension obligations to ensure your team are looked after.

  • Finding funding

    All too often the greatest block to development in the service and tech sectors, is a lack of funding. From tax efficient structuring to attracting angel investment, we can help you present and prepare your business plan so that you can get the funding you need.

  • Virtual Directors

    For anyone focusing on developing their business, balancing operational costs with funding for research and development can be tricky. Our pay-as-you-go Financial Director service provides an affordable and flexible alternative to employing a full time FD on the payroll.

  • Independent Financial Advice

    As independent financial advisers we can scour the market to find the right investment or saving solutions for you and the key individuals in your team. The world of new tech moves fast, so whatever stage your business is at, planning ahead for you and your family's future should be something you consider, no matter how far your business has developed.

  • Investor & Key person Protection

    Protection policies and trusts to protect your business in the event of unforeseen circumstances.