Due diligence

If you are involved in a merger, acquisition or even an MBO, you will want to know the true value and risks of the target business.

We are able to help find the answers to vital questions such as:
  • How is the business performing?
  • Where are the risks?
  • What is the “quality” of the earnings?
  • Is the supply chain robust?
  • How much debt is in the business, are there any hidden implications?
  • What are the tax implications and risks?
  • What is the management team’s function and are there any issues with the assembled workforce?
  • How reasonable are the financial projections and their underlying assumptions?
  • Where are the synergies? Where are the savings?
  • Can the price be reduced?
At the end of the process, you will have more confidence around the risks and opportunities of the planned transaction, and can go in to negotiations better prepared and armed with high quality information.
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