We understand that you may have questions about cloud accounting and sblive. That's why we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions below for you to look over:

  • What is cloud accounting?

    The ‘cloud’ is a term which refers to where your data is stored, essentially if your data is stored on a server which is not stored on your desktop or in your building, it can be referred to as the cloud. Where there is a computer device and an internet connection, you could be in the cloud.

    Cloud accounting is a generic term used to describe the use of accounting software. Cloud accounting software gives you access to your accounts around the clock and in ‘real time’ meaning you can see what is going on in your business' finances at any time of day or night and from anywhere where you have an internet connection. Each piece of accounting software is different, but unlike traditional spreadsheet based packages which you might be used to, cloud accounting software can link up with your bank and other financial providers meaning you can pay bills, issue invoices and see any credits against your bank balance at the touch of a button.

  • What is sblive?

    sblive is a cloud based business solution which takes leading accountancy software and combines it with a unique set of professional services to deliver a complete business advisory package.


  • What makes us different?

    sblive offers all of the benefits of cloud accounting, and more. We have taken the automation that cloud accounting software provides and wrapped it up into a suite of advisory propositions which can truly add value to our clients. Software on its own is great, but practical business advice which can provide you with a plan of action based on your business finances is something which needs specialist expertise.

    We believe that the value in knowing how your business is running through real time reporting is based on having the right adviser at your side to help you work out what to do next.

    From helping you to pay the right amount of tax, to raising capital and setting up employee pension schemes, there is more to running a business that just the accounts, that’s why we have taken a rounded approach to our business advisory solution.

  • How is sblive different from Scrutton Bland's other services?

    sblive is our cloud accounting solution is structured around a basic packaged solution, but which gives you the flexibility to bolt-on additional services according the type of level of professional advice you require. Choosing the package you need for your business means you can control the way you manage your accounts.

  • How can sblive help improve businesses efficiency?

    sblive provides you with tools and systems you need to automate your processes, speed up their invoicing and receive up to the minute management information and forecasting. Unlike some cloud accountancy providers, sblive isn’t just a piece of software with a little bit of bookkeeping added on, it is an all-encompassing service which gives you  access to a range of professional advice.  Because we let clients choose their own package based on the level and type of advice they need, we provide our clients with the ability to manage their accounts, their way.

  • How do I choose the best cloud accounting package for me?

    An overview of our packages and the additional services you can bolt on or upgrade can be viewed here. Our packages are designed to be tailored around you and your business. 

    If you would like to speak to someone about our sblive services our team of advisers are on hand to help you find the right solution. You can call us on 0333 234 7144 or email us here.

  • How easy is it to change accountants?

    Switching accountants is an easy process and one which we can complete on your behalf. We simply need to contact your existing accountants to ask them to provide us with your financial information. Switching normally takes between 2 and 3 weeks to complete. 

  • How will data in my current software be transferred to the new

    If you would like us to transfer and convert your data from traditional desktop software we can do this for you.  This process doesn't usually take any longer than a couple of days so you can start using your new online cloud solution as quickly as possible. Speak to one of our advisers to find out if this is possible for your accounts by calling us on 0333 234 7144.

  • How will I learn how to use the software?

    As a sblive client, whether you sign up to our Xero, Quickbooks or Sage One accounting software package, you will have access to the Scrutton Bland Knowledge Academy. Offering a comprehensive calendar of training events and webinars, our Knowledge Academy gives you access to our specialist advisers who can guide you through a wide range of topics from a half day training session on how to use the software, to advice on tax and pension investments to getting the right insurance cover. 

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“Having just successfully completed a management buy out, we value more than ever the data SBLive provides” Titchmarsh & Goodwin, beautiful handcrafted furniture

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“Moving to SBLive and Xero has allowed us to understand our financial position better than ever before” National Franchise, letting agency
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