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Integrating Agrismart to Xero

AgriSmart is a cloud-based timesheet and health & safety management software business built from the ground up for the agricultural industry. Their timesheets are designed for this sector to cater for payments to employees on hourly rates, piece rates, and bonuses.

Scrutton Bland have been working with a number of software providers, including Agrismart, to offer their software as an option in our SBDigital service. This service aims to identify areas where use the latest financial technology may be of benefit to our clients, and to help them select and implement the appropriate software, and to assist them as they use these new systems to increase their efficiency and profitability.

“We transitioned to Xero from our existing desktop-based finance software and quickly realised that the payroll solution could not replicate our requirements for our bonus system. Automation is important to us and we identified a New Zealand firm, AgriSmart, that could assist us with this calculation. By working with Ryan Pearcy at Scrutton Bland, AgriSmart developed their solution for the particular needs of the UK market and built the integration with Xero payroll. The result is an automated, cloud-based solution that has saved hundreds of man hours for our team.” the grant will be 80% of your average annual trading profit for the previous three years.””

Pete Thompson,
Managing Director, George Thompson (Great Oakley) Ltd

Key challenges

  • A timesheet system that could help their team to record hours worked in the orchard that was versatile and fitted in with their workflow processes without workarounds
  • Software that could automatically calculate overtime hours
  • An automatic process for calculating bonuses based on the number of units picked per hour, to be paid at a given rate
  • A system which enabled the calculation of non-hourly related bonuses
  • Software which allowed the remuneration data to flow seamlessly into Xero payroll

Why choose this software?

  • The AgriSmart software works best for horticulture and viticulture businesses where an efficient means of recording hours worked for different tasks is needed, such as large numbers of people  picking produce.
  • AgriSmart integrates with Xero UK Payroll, so any hours worked and bonuses to be paid are recorded in AgriSmart which then flow seamlessly into Xero. Similarly, all employee data set in Xero is pulled into AgriSmart, thereby removing the need to enter data in two places.
  • Scrutton Bland have been working with Agrismart to provide solutions to some of our agricultural clients who have complex payroll requirements such as seasonal and temporary workers.

Benefits of the Agrismart system for the client

  • The AgriSmart software has reduced the time the supervisor at George Thompson Ltd needs to spend on recording timesheets by as much as 75%
  • This meant that the Financial Controller no longer had to rekey information
  • The system enables employees to sign in and out, moving responsibility and creating a culture of review and approve rather than re-keying data
  • The built-in Health & Safety system was also a feature that the team at George Thompson (Great Oakley) Ltd found very useful to primarily keep the team safe, with the added benefit of potentially reducing insurance premiums in the future as well

What we did to help

  • Agrismart, in consultation with Scrutton Bland’s SBDigital team, worked to refine their software in order fulfil these requirements, and also incorporated an additional feature to include bonus payments for employees at George Thompson (Great Oakley) Ltd.
  • George Thompson (Great Oakley) Ltd. utilised the consultancy services of the SBDigital department to effectively manage the project with Agrismart.
  • The SBDigital team worked cohesively with other software providers and consultants to proved a rounded service to their clients. This collaboration enabled each party to focus on their specialisms and enhanced the quality and speed of the solution.

A summary of our support

  • Significant time saved for the client in recording hours worked by their employees
  • Complicated payroll calculations are done automatically using the Agrismart software once the timesheet entries have been recorded
  • Historical source data can be retrieved at a click of a button in the event of an audit


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