First steps on the finance career ladder

Amelia Benns, Trainee Tax Adviser explains how she has started her career in the tax team at Scrutton Bland, and why she selected the direct route into becoming a professional Tax Adviser, rather than choosing to study at university first.

18 September 2023 - Harriet Livermore

My experiences at Scrutton Bland first began when I got in contact about some possible work experience during the summer of 2022. Whilst at college (Ipswich School) I had previously talked to the Careers Adviser about reputable local businesses whose focus is within the finance sector. I had originally planned to study economics at university, but I felt that work experience with a good local firm was a great introduction to the world of finance and economics.

I wrote an email to Scrutton Bland’s careers department, expressing my interest in the possibility of work experience, and it all began from there! The process was very well organised and structured, making me instantly feel as if Scrutton Bland was a good firm to work for. There were several online calls to discuss why I wanted to participate in work experience at Scrutton Bland as well as talking through the skills I had honed over my lifetime which would positively contribute to the business, such as communication and the eagerness to learn. In the end, they contacted me to say I was successful in my application for work experience and organised my placement within the Tax department.

My interest in being a part of the Tax team originated from my studies of A level economics, lightly touching upon the concept of taxation and its impact on our current economy. From this, I was intrigued as to the different types of taxation which currently exist, and how they impact our everyday lives. Scrutton Bland’s different specialist groups within the wider tax team- such as Corporation Tax, Advisory and Personal Tax- intrigued me further into knowing more about taxation and the pivotal role it plays within our society.

During my week’s work experience, I was involved in all departments, taking a shine towards Tax Advisory as I enjoy communicating and talking to individuals, as well as dealing with different projects each time. During the course of the week, I was taught some key elements of Tax and how to complete personal tax returns, as well as more in-depth knowledge of the tax rules as well as the technology used. This gave me a great head start when I started my full-time work here, as I was able to quickly pick things up and get stuck into it!

My work experience at Scrutton Bland opened my eyes to the possibility of a future career in Tax Advisory work, and after a few months I decided that I wished to be part of the Scrutton Bland team instead of going to university. The choice between university and work was a difficult decision to make, however the experiences I had at Scrutton Bland made it obvious that I wanted to work within their team’s welcoming and supportive environment.

Since joining Scrutton Bland full-time in August 2023 I have learned many great skills of communication and the ability to work well in a team, which has greatly benefitted me in all aspects of my life. Scrutton Bland has also enabled me to be a part of a professional working environment, which is hard to achieve without work experience. My apprenticeship training provided on behalf of Scrutton Bland means that I can study alongside work, gaining qualifications as I develop throughout the studies and giving me a flexibility that is rare in normal working environments.

Overall, my work experience at Scrutton Bland has changed my life – for the better! – as it has opened a new door of possibilities and ultimately led to me applying for an apprenticeship, changing my career path, and ultimately helping me to realise my future career passions.

For more information about careers at Scrutton Bland please see our careers page.

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