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We live in uncertain times, meaning that now, more than ever, having a clear business plan is critical to securing the future of your business

Business planning

A comprehensive business plan can be a very powerful tool, particularly for small or medium enterprises. In the past some business owners would only see business plan as being necessary when they needed to seek finance, but a good plan will provide an organisation with resilience to changing markets and external influences.

A business plan should never gather dust. It needs to evolve and react to how your business is performing. Actual performance should be compared against budgets, and variances need to be explored to understand why some areas of the business may not be performing as expected. Conversely, success should be celebrated where targets are exceeded.

Our approach to business planning is to work collaboratively with our clients to develop a strategic plan for their businesses. This can include the preparation of cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet forecasts, all of which is supported by objective analysis and recommendations.


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