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In recent years the company tax regime has changed considerably and companies and their directors are now required to guide their organisations through new and ever more complex tax legislation. Additionally there is an increased level of responsibility for companies and their directors to ensure that the correct tax is being paid and the penalties for any mistakes are becoming more severe.

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Tax Reliefs

Tax reliefs are available for those companies who are required to pay Corporation Tax, but only where they meet the right criteria. For example, where a company has incurred a loss there are reliefs available to off set the losses against the taxable profits made in prior years, or against profit in other areas of your group.

Research and Development relief can also be a useful tool for those companies involved in innovative projects such science and technology and who wish to minimise their tax liabilities. Where a company is experiencing a high return on intellectual property, such as in the technology sector, the Patent Box regime can provide an effective way of reducing Corporation Tax liabilities on profit.


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As a member of Nexia International, we can provide companies who have or are a looking to establish an operation in the UK or overseas with advice on tax structuring and reliefs.

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