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Employment Tax Services

Help with managing the changing tax rules

Tax regulations rarely stay still for long. In recent years, the employment tax regime has changed significantly as business owners and directors are obliged to guide their organisations through new and ever more complex tax legislation. Businesses have an increased level of responsibility to ensure that the correct tax is being paid, and the penalties for mistakes are becoming more severe. Our advisers work proactively with clients to meet compliance obligations and maximise their cost controls.

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Guidance from an experienced adviser

Our employment tax team includes a former HM Inspector of Taxes and an experienced tax lawyer, as well as specialists in areas such as payroll, IR35, construction, agriculture and financial IT systems. 

The employee position is different for every business, and we know that no one wants to risk falling foul of the employment tax regulations and incurring a penalty. We also understand that dealing with ever-shifting employment tax regulations is not something most businesses relish. Having a trusted adviser who can manage your employment tax services gives peace of mind as well as freeing up your resources to get on with running your operation.

Outsourcing payroll

We can reduce the burden of managing your payroll operations by administering your employees’ tax and National Insurance. This has been especially valuable for many of our clients during the changing requirements around furloughing their employees.

Notwithstanding national pandemics, we can provide a range of cost-effective payroll  services including:

  • Operating PAYE and National Insurance (NIC)
  • Submitting RTI (Real Time Information) to HMRC
  • Issuing (digital or paper) payslips and P60s
  • Providing you with monthly payroll calculations

Managing your employment tax needs

Scrutton Bland Office

PAYE and National Insurance services

Salary sacrifice, Employment status, Termination settlements, PAYE investigations

Scrutton Bland Office

Employee benefits and expenses

Travel expenses, Company car and fleet expenses including vans, Entertaining expenses, Childcare vouchers, Tax free benefits in kind, P11Ds and other dispensations

Overseas employees

Residency and domicile status, Temporary and seasonal workers

Scrutton Bland Office

Contractors and off payroll employees

IR35, Employment status

Construction employees

Construction Industry Scheme

Scrutton Bland Office

HMRC tax disputes

Employment tax investigations, Employment tax disclosures

The inside track

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