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We have been working with clients in the Higher Education sector for almost fifty years and within the Further Education sector since its inception.

We understand that to work effectively with educational organisations, specialist knowledge regarding the sector’s reporting and regulatory requirements is required. Over the years we have built up a solid understanding of operational and governance procedures within both Higher and Further Education, enabling our teams to deliver a high quality external audit service to the sector.

A key part of the audit process is clear communication with both management and the Board and ensuring that timetables are set and adhered to, which in turn makes certain that committee deadlines are met.


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The external audit process is a key tool in the governance and risk management process of the Audit Committee and Board of clients in the Higher Further Education sector.

Our approach is to deliver a robust audit process which provides your Board with the confidence to know that we will provide recommendations for improvements and efficiencies in the financial reporting and control processes wherever we feel they are required.

We believe in truly getting to know our clients and our external audit approach is based on building a strong relationship with you in order to work as one of your team. We regularly attend Committee meetings where we will present our audit plan and then the finalisation process and will be on hand for any other meetings where required by the Board.

Scrutton Bland Office

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